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Art of the Estate Tax Return

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The Second Edition of Estate Planning At The Movies®
–– Art of the Estate Tax Return is here!

Estate Planning At The Movies® –– Art of the Estate Tax Return is the practitioner’s most comprehensive guide to the estate tax return. Art of the Estate Tax Return unsnares the traps and explores the nuances of law and procedure that enter into the preparation and defense of Form 706. Packed with comprehensive explanations and analysis from Keith Schiller and fully illustrated estate tax returns, Art of the Estate Tax Return will secure tax savings and enhance your practice.This 900+ page Second Edition is fully up-to-date to consider the latest events in estate and gift taxation and to include corresponding practical guidance. Here’s a glimpse at key topics:

  • Planning tips for molding a client’s estate plan during life to benefit the estate tax outcome
  • 78+ pages of in-depth discussion of portability elections, including:
    • How to correctly prepare returns for portability elections
    • Simplified vs. traditional reporting
    • Identify un resolved issues with portability elections
    • Balancing income tax savings with estate tax planning
    • Identify when portability elections are appropriate for the client
  • Impact of a variety of gifting techniques on the estate tax return
  • Navigate unduly tricky requirements for protective refund claims
  • Effective GST tax election reporting
  • Avoid audits or achieve the best results in audit
  • Insight from over one dozen leading national practitioners
  • Each schedule of the estate tax return is explicated and examined to help you prepare effective and accurate returns.
  • Three illustrated estate tax returns for deaths in 2013 (with updates for 2014, 2015, and 2016 in the cumulative supplement) including a portability-elected estate