Excerpt from Stephan R. Leimberg’s review posted September 29, 2010 in the Leimberg Information Services, Inc. Newsletter:

Don’t let the title or chapter headings of this incredible new book fool you. Although Keith Schiller calls it, Estate Planning at the Movies – Art of the Estate Tax Return®, this is no lightweight (“B” Movie) effort – in any respect – and there’s as much science as there is art in the content. There are more practical hints and sage advice per square page in this text on filing estate tax returns than in any other recent resource I’ve seen.

Read no further if you have never or never intend to review or file an estate tax return.

But if you are involved in the 706 estate/generation-skipping tax return process – this book is a just-the-ticket “must have.” I don’t care how expert (or how much of a novice) you are, you’ll want to have this resource within arm’s reach. (Read Leimberg's full review.)


Art of the Estate Tax Return


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"Keith Schiller's work here, the substantive work tied together with his personal insights and experiences and in some cases the insights of others is, by far, the best work on the subject that I have ever seen. By far! Throw in the movie theme and it rivals some of my all time favorites. I’m a Steinbeck junkie. I know tough competition."

-Charles W. Morris, Esq.; Former IRS Territory Manager, Estate and Gift Tax for the Western United States; Albrecht & Barney, Law Corporation

"May I have the envelope, please? Who but Keith Schiller could make it fun to read about planning, preparing, filing, and defending estate tax returns? This comprehensive resource is full of insight, strategies, humor, and practical tips. This book will be a welcome addition to the library of the estate planner and the return preparer."

-Aen Webster Esq.; Shareholder with Buchanan, Ingersoll, & Rooney, PC and Deputy Technical Editor for the BNA Tax Management Portfolio series on Estate, Gifts and Trusts

"Schiller wrote this book the way Spielberg directs a movie — seamlessly weaving a complicated plot into a spell-binding story — and that's not easy when you are talking about an estate tax return ... Schiller's book should get an Academy Award Oscar in the great tax resource category."

-Stephan R. Leimberg, Esq.; CEO of Leimberg and Le Clair, Inc. and publisher of Leimberg Information Services®, Inc.

"This book sets the standard."

-Joseph Stemach, Former IRS Estate Tax Attorney, now in private practice