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Estate Planning At The Movies® — Art of the Estate Tax Return reveals my best practice tips from a career of preparing, reviewing, and defending estate tax returns and my greater than 25 years of experience teaching tax professionals. For most of that time, I have been honored to co-teach with numerous estate tax attorneys, group managers, and appeals officers from the Internal Revenue Service. This has provided me with greater insight into the operations of the IRS, practical tips that can slash estate taxes, and enhanced knowledge beyond that of which is published in any law books. I invite you to get acquainted with Art of the Estate Tax Return through the sample page viewer below, and I wish you a successful journey through the estate tax return preparation process.

-Keith Schiller

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Estate Planning At The Movies® — Art of the Estate Tax Return provides in-depth tax analysis and strategic counsel while offering the ultimate in enjoyment of readability. Over 150 references to motion pictures bridge the gap between tax law and your experiences at the movies. You’ll find yourself enthralled in cinematic connections as you take in strategic analysis for preparation and presentation of the estate tax return, all of which are designed to save your clients money and enhance your practice.


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This Second Edition Includes:


  • Maximize valuation discounts and deductions
  • Protect FLPs and FLLCs
  • Secure best appraisal results
  • Learn new rules for claims and administrative expense deductions
  • Review examples of the new Schedule PC and attachment language
  • Pointers on GST reporting • Cautions and help for fiduciaries
  • Warnings and opportunities from inconsistencies in the law
  • Compliance and planning for DSUEAs – including simplified valuation vs. traditional reporting
  • Strategies for audits and appeals
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Over 900 pages (78 pages covering portability elections!)
  • Illustrated estate tax returns for deaths in 2013, including a DSUEA-elected estate
  • And much more!

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